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Buongiorno Milano! I am back from my one week (seems-like-one-month) getaway to Latvia and ready to get back on track with my training and clean eating lifestyle. Also I expect this to be an exciting week as well as going to switch up my gym workout schedule for a new one and implement some new exercises and techniques to give some extra boost to my progress and of course also to lose that extra kilos taken from all the barbecues, gatherings, wedding and lack of exercises(hit the gym just twice, BUT did it properly with my friend Martins and fitness mentor. Here is a sneak-a-peak from our Leg day – did not walk the next 2 days properly).

Recently I have been asked what I am doing to switch up my workout/ exercise routines to stay motivated and the answer is simple – variation and not letting yourself to get too comfortable. I constantly try to challenge myself to push harder, if the weights getting “lighter” I am adding some extra kilos therefore constantly trying to beat my own best and not letting those muscles get too comfortable. Read More


it’s been just 4th day of my vacations but already seems that I have been here for 2 weeks as so many things has been done already – Bachelorette party, home warming parties, sightseeing, baby seeing, friend gatherings and so many more things, like workout and being trained by TeamFisher. Must say got some issues with stairs and hair combing the next day but you know what they say – better sore than sorry. I am totally not sorry, just sore.


Usually when I go to gym I like to train alone to concentrate better but time to time it’s important that someone couch you and push you harder and and check your performance and I had a perfection occasion to improve my performance by training with professional athletes – with TeamFisher.

The video is a little preview – how my leg day goes. These are some suggestions what girls can do for legs to build definition of for legs and butt. No! you will not become muscular like a body builder if you lift weights – not happening! Look at me, if you don’t believe me. I lift heavy weights for 2 years already and still not getting bulky – just seeing some better shapes – that’s all. SO don’t be afraid to touch the weights at gym and ask for an advice to a professional trainer.

My video leg day routine goes like this:

warm up for legs.

4 sets of 15 repetitions for all exercises with 1min pause in between. (weight per choice or possibilities. If you are a beginner – start with lower weights and increase over time)

  • Squat
  • Leg press
  • Walking lunges with weights
  • Stiff legged deadlift with barbell
  • Lying leg curls
  • Seated Leg curl


Some of the exercises are in my weekly schedule as I am working for that butt lifting and having nice legs).

What About you? What’s your target to improve in your body??

P.S. The T-shirt is appropriate as it was a Monday workout.


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  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!

First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!

Happy Monday hot Milan! Ready to confront another work week? I am! Determined, charged and ready for new challenges and achievements – one step at a time!

If you were following me on Twitter and Instagram you already knew that went running a mile with Nike Training Club Milano to show how fast I am. and I must say, it went even better than I thought. Hadn’t been able to run more than a month not even talking about speed running, so was pretty nervous but all good that ends good and just jump right in and confront my fears just by Doing it without too much thinking! (too much thinking kills the courage, so I am not hesitating but just taking opportunities and accept challenges when they comes in front of me without much consideration if the feeling is right.)

It was such a great pleasure to meet and see so many smiley, active and positive people at one place and coming together to do something fit and just enjoy their Thursday evening sporty not by regular bar hopping and Milan apperetivos, even though there was a bar – a juice bar with a freshly squeezed smoothies to recharge our batteries after our mile along the Naviglio.

Read More


It’s been 3 days since my official confession and public declaration after challenging myself to lose 3,5kg till the end of the month! Still highly motivated and determined to prove myself and everyone that I can do it. Yesterday added some evening cardio session- went for a sunset run as first time, in a year, was home at decent time, so had to use the occasion and went for a run before dinner. Must say that felt a lot more determined and energized right after!

Now today is a workout Wednesday and I want to share some basic workout plan to shape up your body (mostly targeting your booty, legs and core). This one consists of really basic exercises and can be done either gym or home. Try incorporate or start this 2 week challenge and you will see how your body will change and improve!  Read More


Greetings from Hamburg! I am again on the road (well kind a) in Germany for a business trip. This week-hitting Hamburg,Cologne and Düsseldorf in 3,5days. As always I am on a tight schedule with travelling, running from a meeting to a meeting and messing up all my eating times and workout plan! However as a determined lady who finds solutions to every complex situation than also this trip I am finding time to workout.

As today is a Workout Wednesday than and last night could not hit the gym, as arrived at Germany at midnight, than this morning woke up at earlier to do a morning HIIT session before confronting the day. Had just 20min but made it intensive. No excuses! Here is my simple morning full body session before breakfast ( burs twice as much). Read More


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