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I believe that the last years the pace of life has definitely picked up leaving less and less time for our friends, family and especially for ourselves. This hectic lifestyle, when you try to manage everything: stay on diet, lose weight, increase muscles, sleep, travel, meet friends, relax, read a book (gosh, don’t remember last time when started and actually finished the whole book less than in 6 months), build your career and invest in your future, etc. Everything is sooo much that you just cannot manage everything or just living on the run and have to say “no” to things just to manage to get through the day.

For me it has been especially hard last month as been traveling every week, working not human hours and have no time free for nothing and no one, not even myself to stick to my diet and workout program I started as my new year’s resolution. And men it is so frustrating as I supposed to be arrived at a point I could show off my progress, but no, instead I am lacking sleep, taking 7am flights every week and working till midnight + skipping gym. To sum up – no good progress so far that makes me completely frustrated and upset and sad, however this feeling are not going to change nor improve the current situation so just need to make a choice how I wish to proceed: feel sorry for myself and drop everything or just pick it up and keep going!?(..what it will be, giiiirl? ) Read More

  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule
  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule
  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule
  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule
  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule
  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule
  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule
  • How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule

How to get the best of Tel Aviv on a busy working schedule

So I am back from my crazy work travel in Tel Aviv and I must say it was one adventurous ride despite of the business trip. Definitely not the calmest and most peaceful place to visit nowadays to get a peace of mind. My mom was petrified when told her I have to go there for work, but I honestly can tell you that I was kind a looking forward this trip as always wanted to see the place as in my mind it was so different – enchanting in a way, and when occasion arose that I had to go there to represent my company in an event – I had all those mixed feelings – thrill for having a new adventure and slight fear of unknown and newspaper headlines flying by of all terrorist attacks, bombing and everyday war alerts..

However  my collaborators and partner living there was truly welcoming and helpful organizing everything (even airport pick-up ) that made matters easier and once they sent me the hotel recommendations along the beach – all my doubts were out of the window and couldn’t wait to go. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Foody- Friday is here and today and it means another weak is behind our backs and another weekend is ahead of us. Specially difficult for the ones who are on the tight diet, like I am. Resisting food temptations is not easy, but so rewarding. So swap those aperetivo fries for a salad or make your own  aperetivo/ social gathering at home and build your own, perfect and healthy salad and snack that would save up on your calories and pocket.

Here is how I build and shop for my week ahead for salads to make it colorful, interesting, nutritious and delicious.


I have already shared some of my recipes of salads and office lunch so can check them out for inspiration. But this time – how to make your own salad with a nice visual that speak for itself. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As always the last week before winter holiday’s is the worst, especially when you are working and this week is one of the key to close the year. So it means: reports, overview, presentations, budget and of course meetings. hours and hours of meetings to close all the outstanding and plan the year ahead. 

As I work in a sales department it is definitely one of the most hectic time – the year-end. All the numbers and budgets to present and justify. Long story short – this week is just terrible. No gym, no social life, no nothing – just work to manage everything to close the year and leave for holiday happy. As today is already Friday than it means that : A – I survived this week, B- I survived also all the presentations and report presenting to my top management. 

I guess for me the hardest part is surviving 5-6 hour long meetings without pauses, especially because my lifestyle and diet requires to eat every 2-3 hours and my body has absolutely used to this rhythm. (You better do not mess with a hungry girl, because she is HANGRY – hungry+angry). But as going psycho or eat straight out of my meal box wouldn’t be appropriate during presentation to my bosses I came up with the best solution ever!

The most important part is preparation for not having meal by calculating your approximate time and meal you will skip. as in my case was 5 hours without eating than I mastered this way:

  •  I ate 5 min before the meeting my regular snack.
  • In a takeaway coffee cup (to avoid any questions and sneak-a-peaks in it) I prepared a protein shake  as meal substitute I could slowly sip at the second haslf of the meeting when the huger kicks in.
protein in a coffee takeway cup

25g of protein in a takeaway coffee cup to survive a long meeting

protein shake in a takeaway cup

Takeaway coffee mug works splendidly to hide what’s actually your drink – my case Vanilla Protein

(This is where protein samples comes handy. I always use MyProtein for emergencies, travels and occasions like this. )



As easy as that I substituted 1 meal with a right amount of the protein (25g) and spared “talking belly” during the meeting.

Works for me splendidly.

What about you? How are you surviving without eating long meetings?

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  • How to get the best out of a rest day
  • How to get the best out of a rest day

How to get the best out of a rest day

As much is important to stay consistent to your training schedule and do not skip workouts (without a  very! good reason) to have a results, also having a proper rest day is much needed for body to build strength and soul as well! Of course we all like to have a rest day and have our own time to be lazy, reflect and just recharge your batteries (walking home all day in jammies and just be plain lazy (guilty!). However it often ends (at least to me) to be unproductive what, I hate the most, as I believe it is wasting the precious time while I could be productive and clean up things from my schedule and not pile them up.

 It took time but I have finally worked out and come up with a balance to rest properly and also get some things done on my days off the workout and it definitely helps me to not feel guilty.  

In order to get the best out of the rest day here is a list of tips and suggestions how to make the best out of it and that will lift your productivity and will not make you regret wasting your day. (Works for me! ) Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Have you ever popped in a grocery shop just to buy “essentials for dinner” and came out of it carrying 2 full bags 1 hour later staffed with cookies, chocolate bars, turkey on promotion and nice looking pineapple ? Well I have and if you are completely honest with yourself you will probably now be thinking last time you went to a shop to get 1 thing and came out with another 10 and a chocolate bar in your hand.

We are all guilty of impulse buys, but it is something you can change and improve on not only to save your pocket but also to skip on junk food that you will regret later on. Here are my rules on doing grocery shopping the clever way. Read More

Inspiration, Workout

Last 10 days has been a wild roller coaster during my business trip in Japan. When I am travelling it is really hard to maintain my physical form as well as stick to my diet. Luckily for me I was staying in a wonderful hotel at Tokyo which had a great gym with several exercise machines, so were using that to stay in shape and get adopted to the new time zone faster. (Having a good weight training or a run always helps me to get over the jet lag faster).

As a person who is quite shy than getting acquainted with a new gym, it’s equipment, courses, timings and make new friends is quite challenging for me. (Not even mentioning how strange for me is to go around a skyscraper to search for it’s gym, dressed in workout clothes. Not my preferred activity at all. Especially when my colleagues and clients are staying the same place). However I always try to not think about what others think and just concentrate on my goals and reason why I am hitting the gym. And trust me – it helps! 

As I believe that I am not the only one that has some intimidation issues with gym than will try to list some things that might make things easier also for you. (Works for me). 

Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As a clean eater and let’s-prepare-my-own-healthy-meal kind a gal’ I always plan and prepare my meals (lunch and snacks) in advance to bring with me to the office for the day after, not only because it’s saves time and money but also because in this the best way to control what and how much I am having on my plate therefore allowing me to stick to my diet.

I already have wrote about healthy lunch ideas before – so here is a sequence of them – another 7 easy and healthy take away lunch ideas that are not only fast and easy but also takes little time to prepare.

I usually prepare my lunch for 3 days up front twice a week: Sunday evening and Wednesday for next days – for variation of carbs choosing from brown rice/ buckwheat/ quinoa/ bulgur etc. Read More

Inspiration, Workout

Buongiorno Milano! I am back from my one week (seems-like-one-month) getaway to Latvia and ready to get back on track with my training and clean eating lifestyle. Also I expect this to be an exciting week as well as going to switch up my gym workout schedule for a new one and implement some new exercises and techniques to give some extra boost to my progress and of course also to lose that extra kilos taken from all the barbecues, gatherings, wedding and lack of exercises(hit the gym just twice, BUT did it properly with my friend Martins and fitness mentor. Here is a sneak-a-peak from our Leg day – did not walk the next 2 days properly).

Recently I have been asked what I am doing to switch up my workout/ exercise routines to stay motivated and the answer is simple – variation and not letting yourself to get too comfortable. I constantly try to challenge myself to push harder, if the weights getting “lighter” I am adding some extra kilos therefore constantly trying to beat my own best and not letting those muscles get too comfortable. Read More


Another extremely hot Milan weekend is over but luckily for me, survived it by the swimming pool as trying to get some color before heading for vacations this weekend to a chilly Latvia. As it has been extremely hot last month here in Italy and in general south of Europe, than being extra careful when getting exposed in the sun is extremely important, especially when the UV index is as high as here and humidity is more than 90%.

Here are 7 the most important rules about Sun I have learned from Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and dermatologists. Read More


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