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Hello in August everyone !   The month of vacations, beach,sun, fun and parties. however, we shouldn’t forget also about eating right and having a physical activities.. I know, I know, gyms are closed and heat is sucking the last will out of us to do any sporty activities, but still! let’s try to focus here and try to stay in shape, so when September arrives we do not have to kill ourselves in hard work-out routines in gym or starve.
Inspiration is something I need more than air to start, to continue or to finish something! however, if I am inspired I will start and finish without stopping/pausing/napping till I will be done and satisfied with my result – whatever it will be! and to help to get best of me I sometimes need some inspiration! and pictures helps a lot! so here is some of my today’s inspirations! hope it will inspire or just will make you dream/smile/ visualize and enjoy as well!
This morning I woke up at 6 to restart going to run before going to work.
must say I felt a lot better – more toned and energetic rather than waking up later and just rolling out of bed and do nothing, but breakfast.
The inspiration to keep on running came today also from friend of mine, which I must share with you..

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