it’s been just 4th day of my vacations but already seems that I have been here for 2 weeks as so many things has been done already – Bachelorette party, home warming parties, sightseeing, baby seeing, friend gatherings and so many more things, like workout and being trained by TeamFisher. Must say got some issues with stairs and hair combing the next day but you know what they say – better sore than sorry. I am totally not sorry, just sore.


Usually when I go to gym I like to train alone to concentrate better but time to time it’s important that someone couch you and push you harder and and check your performance and I had a perfection occasion to improve my performance by training with professional athletes – with TeamFisher.

The video is a little preview – how my leg day goes. These are some suggestions what girls can do for legs to build definition of for legs and butt. No! you will not become muscular like a body builder if you lift weights – not happening! Look at me, if you don’t believe me. I lift heavy weights for 2 years already and still not getting bulky – just seeing some better shapes – that’s all. SO don’t be afraid to touch the weights at gym and ask for an advice to a professional trainer.

My video leg day routine goes like this:

warm up for legs.

4 sets of 15 repetitions for all exercises with 1min pause in between. (weight per choice or possibilities. If you are a beginner – start with lower weights and increase over time)

  • Squat
  • Leg press
  • Walking lunges with weights
  • Stiff legged deadlift with barbell
  • Lying leg curls
  • Seated Leg curl


Some of the exercises are in my weekly schedule as I am working for that butt lifting and having nice legs).

What About you? What’s your target to improve in your body??

P.S. The T-shirt is appropriate as it was a Monday workout.



Labrīt! This means Good Morning in Latvian! Greetings from my week off from Milan’s heat. As each of my Latvia’s trip it’s always planned and organized till last minute, BUT that doesn’t mean that I have forgot about my training schedule and clean eating. And so shouldn’t you! Just because it is vacations doesn’t mean you can let yourself go completely and forget about your fitness objectives and ruin all your progress with screw-everything-I-want-to-eat-everything! and let’s-work-out-when-I-am-back-home kind of attitude! Sure it’s ok time to time not be hard on yourself and let you enjoy some sweets, traditional-typical food and skip some workout. That’s all fine and understandable – that’s why the vacations are for – to enjoy them and rest your body and soul. The same is for me, but with some limitations – I do enjoy some traditional food and some dessert and time to time skip workout but still keep my eyes on my goals and fitness objectives and not lose all progress, as starting from beginning is always harder than maintaining your progress. After all it’s all about balance and knowing what you want for the moment and what’s your long term goals. Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau

Well, last week has been wild and difficult physically and morally therefore could not update my blog and skipped the entries about Food on Friday and Workout on Wednesday, but today is motivational Monday and time for update what actually happened to me last weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday I was in Copenhagen for work (my travel essentials can find here), than came back and than on Thursday morning I headed to Germany, where were invited to German’s Next Top Model Finale with Heidi Klum presenting it. All excited and all happy were ready for the show (with my new beauty essentials and vintage outfit-unfortunately no pictures were taken at the show with me, so cannot show it off), the show started wonderful and were really having a great time, but than the unexpected and terrible bombing threat in the middle of the show and 8000 people evacuation from the arena, ruined everything. Not only moods of thousands of people but also it made you think, HOW everything could finish at one moment, just like that! poof, and you are gone.. Scary, I must say, really scary. It made me realize HOW precious every single moment is and how fast the things can be changed and you can do nothing about it. Read More

Me & My Beau, Workout

I know yesterday was a Workout Wednesday but do to a technical reasons was not able to update my blog but today we are back in business and I am ready to share with you a reason, a colorful reason that motivates me to workout, keep pushing harder and striving for progress.

You know what is the thing that inspires me working out? Results! My own results! and progress to see how my body is changing and improving. Especially nice when you receive a nice and sincere compliment that you have a beautiful legs. (Received from a business partner –  a woman) it was truly sincere that made me feel real proud and gave me some extra motivation to keep striving for progress and even better results.  Read More


Sometimes on Mondays we need some extra motivation and inspiration to make the week start right and set some new smaller goals and objectives to reach. This week did not start too good for me as I woke up feeling terrible this morning so I couldn’t manage to go to work, however now feeling a lot better and again full of energy and determination to keep going after my goals.

To do so – here is my weeks motivation – fit-inspiration to get back on track and dream big.

Read More

Inspiration, Me & My Beau, Workout

Happy 1st of April! As already a tradition, beginning of every new month I am setting for myself goals what I want my month to be like! I am currently on my second day of Spring holiday in South of Italy (where sticking to a diet is almost IMPOSSIBLE – as first rule of South of Italy is to Eat and ask for more), so for me sticking to my strict diet it is a quite a struggle, even if I have all my workout gear packed with me and dedication to stick to my fitness goals – I must say it is not easy, not easy at all. To stay focused and my eyes to the ultimate goal (Planning to lose 5kg by the end of Spring) I have set up my Spring Visual board slightly more workout and motivation related to keep going and to resist sweet temptations and hope to inspire you as well. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Let’s be honest, we all have been there and we have all struggled with this question: ” I am eating responsibly, I am active, but still cannot lose belly fat”. This question has made me upset, worried and angry for many years, till I turned to a healthier lifestyle, reached out and start making changes and start seeing results . So here is why you are not loosing belly fat:

1. You are not eating or skipping meals.

When you don’t eat or skip meals your body goes into starving/self defensing mood and it makes food reserves (mostly, unfortunately, on belly) which translates into fat to use them times when do not get the food (when you skipping the meals) therefore you slow down your metabolism and it makes harder to lose the fat. Read More


Every time something comes to an end and something new is in front of us we tend to imagine the new challenge, road or task and set goals for it. Full with hopes and positive feelings. For me it is really important to visualize the goals so I usually create a visual board or my mood board. As Miss Athlétique is my new challenge this year than I have made my moodboard for 2015 to better visualize how this year I wish to be. (My year officially starts now! ) Read More

If you have ever been on a diet you probably know how hard is to resist a temptation of snacking and having a cheat meals outside the diet plan and especially of those sweet/ salty delicious ones. I am not a chocolate lover but I know people who are and their struggle of giving it up. The same is for bad eating habits, like Cheeseburgers, popcorn with a movie (guilty, guilty guilty), Coca Cola, cocktails during Happy Hours with friends and so on and on. We all have our week point and some foods that is hard to resist especially when you are trying to reach a goal, like loosing weight or improving your eating habits. As I am currently on a super strict diet than I know what I am talking about resisting those food cravings and temptations just to reach my aim even if I don’t see it in a mirror yet..
It’s remained 20 days till my beach adventure at the south of Italy and can’t wait to knock off heels and feel the sand under my feet! So doing my best to get in best possible shape-  it’s my second week of infused water and detox cure (and i must say it is working!!! ) also now going everywhere with my bicycle and try to walk and move as much as possible and cutting back on those friendly Milanese aperetivos and socializing eating/drinking instead inviting people over to my place/ their place for homemade, healthy brunch, (check some healthy and delicious recipe ideas here) picnic/dinner or after dinner tea. good for your health as well as your pocket!


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