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Monday is for challenges and new beginnings! it’s a perfect occasion to reset something or uptake a new thing, it’s like a second chance to start over that’s offered to you every single week. So today I am also throwing myself a new challenge to reset my caffeine effect or challenge myself to not use coffee for next two weeks.

The thing I decided to do it is just because I believe that coffee is not anymore doing the effect to me as it used to so I want to go back to the time when I never drank coffee (5 years ago), but living in Italy you just get used to a nice cup of a good espresso that you just cannot do it without. Moreover as for a athlete caffeine is an essential for a performance boosting before training and it should better have it’s effect properly so it is a time to resit it! Read More


Mornings are getting fresher and air is getting chillier and you can definitely feel that today is the first day of autumn.  Even though the sun is still shining it is not as hot as it used to be a month ago and we will not manage to blink our eyes that the colorful leaves and fall rains will arrive so it is last opportunity to make the best out of this wonderful weather and enjoy the last sunny days by spending them outdoors!

I actually do enjoy this weather a lot because you still can dress light but mornings asks for some scarf/ poncho perfectly pairing with a tumbler filled with a good, green tea you to warm you up.

So the first thing to embrace the outdoor wellness is to get yourself a good cup of a green tea to start morning right, boost your immune system and detox your body. Read More

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Finally Friday! After another crazy week is over and already looking forward tomorrow when I will be finally going to Expo 2015 (Milan). Real excited moreover as tomorrow there will be a huge parade in honor of a Japan day and as Hello Kitty is the ambassador of Japan pavilion and as I work for this lovely lady, than going to be there as well.

And as I already know that tomorrow there won’t be much time cooking a big, innovative and creative fit breakfasts and try new recipes than last night prepared a wonderful alternative instead of my regular rolled oats / oat meal or overnight oats 2 ingredient oat cookies. Easy – peasy, fast and tastes great. Here is recipe you must try! Read More


Hello in this hot Wednesday! Milan has been having the craziest hot wave ever that just kills your mood to do..well anything. Luckily office is fully equipped with a/c – working a/c, so being productive at least during my working hours! Unlike my gym, that has been without it already for a week and I must tell you – it’s crazy! Taking shower felt like going in sauna that you need a shower after a shower, but it’s been too hot for too long already that just the power is going out for all the cooling systems running everywhere office, restaurant and cafeteria in the zone.

I went to gym and was thinking, “wow, so little people”, but than I realized why.. I was tired and exhausted from crazy working schedule and long hours working and the feeling under the weather and mentally tired so getting in a hot gym without an a/c working when outside is +35°C was NOT motivating to work out at all, BUT dedication is doing what you have to do you want it or do not to obtain your goals, so what I did? I got changed and went for a work out anyway.  Read More

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  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!
  • First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!

First Nike event Milan – So Fast – check!

Happy Monday hot Milan! Ready to confront another work week? I am! Determined, charged and ready for new challenges and achievements – one step at a time!

If you were following me on Twitter and Instagram you already knew that went running a mile with Nike Training Club Milano to show how fast I am. and I must say, it went even better than I thought. Hadn’t been able to run more than a month not even talking about speed running, so was pretty nervous but all good that ends good and just jump right in and confront my fears just by Doing it without too much thinking! (too much thinking kills the courage, so I am not hesitating but just taking opportunities and accept challenges when they comes in front of me without much consideration if the feeling is right.)

It was such a great pleasure to meet and see so many smiley, active and positive people at one place and coming together to do something fit and just enjoy their Thursday evening sporty not by regular bar hopping and Milan apperetivos, even though there was a bar – a juice bar with a freshly squeezed smoothies to recharge our batteries after our mile along the Naviglio.

Read More


On a Workout Wednesday I am always trying to share some tips and tricks of fitness and workout to help you to improve your form. Today, I would like to share exercises that are really efficient to burn fat and a lot more intense than regular, static cardio – like running.

This 10 tips I saw on Hamed’s Google Plus page. (Check him out) and I had to share them with you too – because I couldn’t agree more as I have tried almost all of them and trust me – they are super efficient as I can compare with a regular running (I go for a run couple of times per week).

So here is what Hamed suggests: Read More


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