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Fridays is the time of the week that I am looking forward the most as it means – weekend is around the corner and also it means that I am going to share with you, my dear reader, a new recipe/experiment as on every Foody Friday.

Today’s experiment an healthy egg and broccoli casserole that is perfect for dinner and a great alternative to frittata or regular chicken.

This egg casserole is one of the easiest things to prepare and does not need much all you need is some eggs, pre-cooked broccoli, some bread crumbs and some cheese if wish to give some texture to it. if wish to try yourself – just print/save the recipe below and go for it! Fit, healthy and delicious!  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

You love traditional morning oats or oatmeal but kind bored and would like to try something else for a change? Well look no further because I have an answer for you – a semolina strawberry porridge. 

I do like my oats a lot, but sometimes you just need to switch up your morning routines and try something else as well and who said that eating clean should be boring and monotone ? Read More

Fit food & Drinks

I believe that people who loves good cuisine and especially Italian one loves as well the green, flavory made of fresh basil sauce – pesto. Mostly pesto companies starters, like mozzarella and tomatoes  or first dishes like pasta or even some gourmet plates as a decoration. (There is even an ice cream, a good one, with a pesto flavor. Must try it! Oh those crafty and innovative Italians, huh? )

What’s for me – I love basil in general and even growing it on my balcony as love it fresh and what can be better than make your own pesto sauce to your trofie (type of fresh pasta) or tomatoes dish?  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As on Fridays I always try to reveal some of my recipes or fit food experiments an also today is not an exception as I wish to share with you my last recipe I tried my hand in – a Shrimp zoodles! It is not a new word nor discovery for a healthy food world and food trend hunters which has been obsessing about this new invention:  zucchini+noodles = zoodles! Basically you get your own (colorful) noodles without having to get the carbs of the pasta! And may I just add – they do look colorful and fun on the plate?!

So I decided to try out something for myself by mixing zoodles, shrimps and red bell pepper and this is the result – a fit diner dish that is so delicious that you will be licking your fingers and ask for more!

Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Foody- Friday is here and today and it means another weak is behind our backs and another weekend is ahead of us. Specially difficult for the ones who are on the tight diet, like I am. Resisting food temptations is not easy, but so rewarding. So swap those aperetivo fries for a salad or make your own  aperetivo/ social gathering at home and build your own, perfect and healthy salad and snack that would save up on your calories and pocket.

Here is how I build and shop for my week ahead for salads to make it colorful, interesting, nutritious and delicious.


I have already shared some of my recipes of salads and office lunch so can check them out for inspiration. But this time – how to make your own salad with a nice visual that speak for itself. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

It’s been 5 days in my no-cheating, no-excuse new workout and diet challenge of 84 days and I must say I feel great! Been following my training schedule and managed to stick to all of them as well as all meals and timings. 

Sure there is also a downside, that been hungry, like, hmmm, how to better put this – all the time?! And sore, oh gosh been feeling sore like crazy (and leg day is only tomorrow..). But determined to keep up with my schedule (which you can see  HERE and download also a template to start your own training). 

As for food – I am getting on the track with the meals as well and eating 5 times per day with moderation portion. 

Here is how my meals looks like: Read More

Fit food & Drinks

The foggy, rainy and cold winter time is the time when we really should put emphases on boosting our immune system. The best way to do it is through a good diet and the right nutrition by consuming the right amount of vitamins that are far more efficient to fight the flu and first signs of getting sick than expensive medicine and all compressed food supplements.

So here are chart of the immune boosting foods you should be eating now.

1. Mushrooms Read More

Fit food & Drinks

I did it! I signed up for a house that will give treats to spooky little ones! I know it is not really European tradition but it is getting famous also here. Also it is a good occasion to prepare my (already famous) witch finger cookies (guess kids will not enjoy protein treats and protein muffins, huh? or would they??maybe power bars?). They are truly easy and fast to make so if hosting a party or just want something spooky as a treat – than this is a right recipe for you.

here is how a short video explaining it:




and here is my witch fingers ready to be taken..if you dare..

Proper recipe below. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

On a sunny autumn Friday asks for a something sweet and cuddly to satisfy sweet tooth so why not make a nice bowl of a strawberry nice cream to make a reunion with my old friend even more special?

Last night arrived to Guernsey (Channel islands) where she and her family is living to celebrate her kids 1st birthday (and as a good aunty couldn’t miss this important day) and spend some time together and just chat up after a week of terror, stress and meeting after meeting in fair in London. Definitely needed to wind down and this place seems to be the right one for that but about about that – later on, first – let’s have a nice healthy snack to get some vitamins and energy to confront it. Read More

Fit food & Drinks
  • Survival guide how to eat healthy in Japan
  • Survival guide how to eat healthy in Japan
  • Survival guide how to eat healthy in Japan
  • Survival guide how to eat healthy in Japan
  • Survival guide how to eat healthy in Japan

Survival guide how to eat healthy in Japan

We all know how hard it is to stick to the diet when we are traveling, especially when you are on a tough schedule and in a foreign country, not even mentioning far away continent where we have no idea of the local eating habits nor knowledge of the language on the food packaging in shops to make the best .

My Japan trip was quite a challenge dieting wise as always had to carefully choose what to eat. Luckily for me Japanese are really conscious of what they are eating in traditional restaurants offering small portions and different food bites – selection of first courses, perfectly pairing protein and carbs. Like fish and rice for lunch and proteins (fish) for dinner accompanied with some sea weeds and small portions of salad. Read More


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