Every time I am traveling my choice for airport reading falls to Women’s Health magazine UK as it is full of interesting things, workouts, tips and confessions – not only entertaining but also educational. Especially I love to see the workouts by star trainers and fitness experts as always find something exciting and new to try out or include in my gym routine to spice it up a little. This time was not an exception as decided to challenge myself by doing their September issue workout by star trainer Dan Roberts

As a person who loves to experiment, improve and throw challenges to myself  than I was immediately intrigued and where determined that must test immediately this world famous trainer method: Mindfulness together with martial-arts Hiit

Mostly I was curious to see if this workout actually does something, like makes me feel my muscles ache the day after. Let me already anticipate you – it does. OMG, it does. The day after was bad, especially for my groin muscles where destroyed by doing 100 knee strikes per leg (1st exercise), as this is a muscle that is trained really rarely or superficially, well at least my case.  Read More


it’s been just 4th day of my vacations but already seems that I have been here for 2 weeks as so many things has been done already – Bachelorette party, home warming parties, sightseeing, baby seeing, friend gatherings and so many more things, like workout and being trained by TeamFisher. Must say got some issues with stairs and hair combing the next day but you know what they say – better sore than sorry. I am totally not sorry, just sore.


Usually when I go to gym I like to train alone to concentrate better but time to time it’s important that someone couch you and push you harder and and check your performance and I had a perfection occasion to improve my performance by training with professional athletes – with TeamFisher.

The video is a little preview – how my leg day goes. These are some suggestions what girls can do for legs to build definition of for legs and butt. No! you will not become muscular like a body builder if you lift weights – not happening! Look at me, if you don’t believe me. I lift heavy weights for 2 years already and still not getting bulky – just seeing some better shapes – that’s all. SO don’t be afraid to touch the weights at gym and ask for an advice to a professional trainer.

My video leg day routine goes like this:

warm up for legs.

4 sets of 15 repetitions for all exercises with 1min pause in between. (weight per choice or possibilities. If you are a beginner – start with lower weights and increase over time)

  • Squat
  • Leg press
  • Walking lunges with weights
  • Stiff legged deadlift with barbell
  • Lying leg curls
  • Seated Leg curl


Some of the exercises are in my weekly schedule as I am working for that butt lifting and having nice legs).

What About you? What’s your target to improve in your body??

P.S. The T-shirt is appropriate as it was a Monday workout.



As always I am paying a flying visit to Germany (Yesterday Stuttgart and today Frankfurt) for business meetings. But even on a tough schedule I try not to skip a workout day (and Wednesdays are workout days) therefore wherever I am I try to squeeze in a quick cardio/ HIIT or workout session depending of my agenda and meeting schedule.

As unfortunately my connection is really faulty than going to be brief but still l want to share my morning cardio blast in my hotel room (this time staying at design hotel- 25hours by Levi’s, despite of connection – really liking this trendy place). My adventures in live on Snapchat and Twitter) that could and SHOULD be replicated also in your trips or busy mornings (no excuses).
Quick Cardio blast
Warm up. Walk 5 min on a spot or a light jog.
(Do the 30 seconds for each exercise and move quickly into the next).
  • High knee sprint on the spot (as fast as you can)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpees
  • Squat jumps
  • Air skips
  • Lateral skater jumps
  • Jog on Spot
  • Tuck jumps
  • rest 30 seconds
Repeat for total 2 to 5 sets
Cool down and STRETCH!
You will see it will energize you for the rest of the day!
What about you? Have you ever worked out during your trips/ holidays in a hotel?

It’s official! Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter and hotter every day and it means that all those skirts and shorts should be taken out from the bottom of our closets to show off too the world. Of course with the short skirts and hot pants comes also the will to look great in them and this is where tall those hours spent at gym and working out we did at Winter and Spring comes handy, but it does not mean that the exercises should finish there just because summer is here. In contrary  should continue or even work harder to maintain and improve and this is what I am up to right now – as by the end of July is my second check-in of my workout and diet challenge to get on a great shape.

In June I put emphasis on core and booty, so it means – more HIIT and exercises for lower body to make it even more toned, shaped and lifted – because you cannot have too round booty). If also you would like to incorporate some new exercises to lift your booty and have leaner legs here are 5 exercises that can be performed even at home.

Read More


My long weekend getaway to Sicily (pictures will follow up on Sunday) is over and it is time to get back to my strict workout schedule. I know for some is hard to stick to workout routine and eating clean while on vacations and sometimes I completely agree it is OK to not be harsh on yourself during a getaway, especially a short one – like a long weekend and enjoy some traditional food and not stick to a hard core workout, because after all it’s all about balance. Hard work and some rest for body and mind.

Especially when you are travelling to a new places you know that you are going to walk a lot to explore the place as much as possible and this is a wonderful workout that’s actually does not feel like one because you are getting snappy with pictures, stop for a rest and walk again so in the end of the day you even had walked like up to 20-30 km. Happened to me first time In Paris that I walked 30 km and basically was dead by the end of the day), that’s why I know.  If you want to check out how much you make it in a day, while sightseeing, get yourself a Pedometer app for Iphone or Endomondo for your mobile device to count your steps and burned calories. I use both (depends which has still battery).

My case I knew that will take 4 days off from strength training at gym so worked out harder 31 day before (had a challenge) and stayed on a strict diet to prepare for this weekend to enjoy it fully and guilt free if I eat more than I should, of course I knew I will walk a lot and go swimming so still would have sort of training done. But now the weekend is over and it’s time to get back with training and shaping up body plan and as today is  WW (Workout Wednesday) than today is a good day to talk about booty shape up exercises and actually do them.

Honestly every day is a good day to shape up booty because let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to have a firm and round butt? Here is a 17 exercises for Glutes that you should know and include in your workout Read More


WW – Workout Wednesday is here and without an exception also today we are blasting calories! My 31 day shreading challenge before hitting the beach (Palermo calling) in two days is progressing real good – minus 2kg and increased strength and muscles, so keeping focused and eyes on the prize – super fit, healthy and bikini ready (so can start posing my beach workout videos).

Today I wanted to share with you a fabulous booty-boosting, calory shreading training that works out your body entirely – kickboxing. I started  practicing it last year and i must admint i got hooked immediately – so intense, so energetic and so fun! Iamgine punching out all your negative energy and just release your anger with kicks and punches? Trust me – works like charm every time after a long day/ bad week or just to release the tension and make you feel like a Wonderwoman and kick some butts!

Here are some basic moves from my last weekends park workout (I train Muay Thai Thai traditional kickbox) incorporated with some suggestions from IFBB Pro Stacy Alexander (creator of Kickfit training program and owner of A-Team Training Center in Las Vegas.) Read More


Hello in Workout Wednesday! As Each Wedneday it is a gym day, usually it is a Arms and Back for me, as I have devided my strenght training targeting body groups and having strenght training 3-4 times per week. One time i am trying to change things and do a full body blast workout or ABT (Abs, Butt & Tights workout) and coupel of times per week a cardio training. And yes, I do like it and yes, I am not crazy – just determined to reach my fitness goals – improved, leaner and more toned body. Curently also having my 2nd week of my new challenge of 31 day. (So far – so good, slow progress, but keep on going and start noticing results. Must be ready for next weekend’s check-in, so focusing and self-motivation is needed to get there.

Today I wanted to share with you my simple ABT workout plan I designed for couple of girls that reachoud out to me asking for a help to workout and make some routine that can be done even at home that would target their focus zones – abbs, butt and tights. The full routine you can download here to try yourself the days when you do not have time or will to hit the gym but do want to workout. Read More

Me & My Beau, Workout

I know yesterday was a Workout Wednesday but do to a technical reasons was not able to update my blog but today we are back in business and I am ready to share with you a reason, a colorful reason that motivates me to workout, keep pushing harder and striving for progress.

You know what is the thing that inspires me working out? Results! My own results! and progress to see how my body is changing and improving. Especially nice when you receive a nice and sincere compliment that you have a beautiful legs. (Received from a business partner –  a woman) it was truly sincere that made me feel real proud and gave me some extra motivation to keep striving for progress and even better results.  Read More


Lately I have been asked how and when to work out when you have absolutely no time for it but still want to do something. Well the answer is easy – schedule in advance your tasks and days and make the workout flexible so you can do it at home too after waking up or before dinner or even lunch break- whatever suits you the best. I am sure that everyone will find 15 minutes 3-5 times per week to start/get moving.

This is what I do even on my most busiest days or fullest traveling schedule I try to find the time to squeeze in some 15 minute total-body workout to remain in shape if hitting the gym or going running outside is out of a question. Read More


Outside is raining and you have no will to leave the house to hit the gym to go for  run still feel like burning some calories? Than we are in the same boat! I am currently for a business trip at Stockholm, outside is raining and still would like to do my cardio training but it is not possible as my hotel does not have a gym.. But what it does have is a space in my room and stairs – 5 floors of them therefore I will use them instead.

The best thing I have come up during my trips is a HIIT*  (High Intensity Interval Training) training on those cardio days. Not only because it saves time, space and needs no equipment but also because it burns more fat and faster than regular jogging.  Read More


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