• Where is the best view in Sicily?
  • Where is the best view in Sicily?
  • Where is the best view in Sicily?
  • Where is the best view in Sicily?

Where is the best view in Sicily?

If I can tell you one tip about Sicily, which is totally worth the hustle, than it is – climb Etna, my friend! The best view ever as far as you can see! The air! the clouds! The experience! If traveling to Sicily than adding visiting Etna is a must! Even if not the fittest person or pro hiker – everyone will find something for their fitness level: starting from newbie to pro.

To be honest Etna was my main destination in Sicily and also in my Bucket list. Read More


It’s official! It’s August! It’s Monday! It’s last 3 days before packing bags for holiday! ….aaaand that’s not it! it’s also the week when I am getting married! ( So I hope now it explains where I have been gone for last weeks. I was trying to manage everything including wedding details, long working hours, busy travel schedule and fighting of a mysterious sickness. (Said this I hope I am excused for being absent).

I must say I haven’t yet realized fully that I am getting married by the end of the week, especially because I am still at work and life seems regular – massive blue circles under eyes and work amount as high as mountain! BUT, that does not change fact that this month is going to start a new adventure and will have a new status! ( Now I assume Italians can officially address me as SIGNORA. And I will not mind). Read More


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