It’s been 3 days since my official confession and public declaration after challenging myself to lose 3,5kg till the end of the month! Still highly motivated and determined to prove myself and everyone that I can do it. Yesterday added some evening cardio session- went for a sunset run as first time, in a year, was home at decent time, so had to use the occasion and went for a run before dinner. Must say that felt a lot more determined and energized right after!

Now today is a workout Wednesday and I want to share some basic workout plan to shape up your body (mostly targeting your booty, legs and core). This one consists of really basic exercises and can be done either gym or home. Try incorporate or start this 2 week challenge and you will see how your body will change and improve!  Read More


This week Milan is sunny and can totally feel the Spring in the air therefore I decided that today I will go to work again with my bike – my lovely Mr.Holland.

As I have moved out of the city center than bicycle comes here handy to speed up things and also is a great way to exercise while you are not really exercising – just reaching your destination, which you would need to do anyway – one way or another, so why not use this occasion to burn off some calories and cycling is a perfect way to burn off calories, it is fast and efficient and no pollution!

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