Again woke up at 6:30 am, as you just can’ t sleep longer – the sun is up and shining and even the sleeping mask is not saving you from the daylight.
the sun rises here around 4am, so seems that the day is already in half, as it is getting dark at 5pm, already :O so the early birds are enjoying the day longer.

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Welcome to Recife – Brazil and welcome to the notes from a road. Here starts our road trip of 6000km across Brazil from Recife to Porto Alegre which we will across in a car. Me, my friend Lina, my friend Paolo and his mum in a big Volvo. 
This will be notes from the road, so be prepared.
1st day: o far – so good.
We have happily changed 3 planes, crossed Atlantic ocean, managed to get through all the security checks (which were a LOT), combined – English, Italian,Spanish and poor Portuguese skills to be understood, survived a night in airport of Salvador and finally arrived in Recife.
Today I have decided to make my Travel Wishlist Public.
it is not the complete version, but today I received an last-minute-offer to some place I have never even considered to have as one one my travel destinations – Djerba جربة‎ which is a largest island of North Africa. and I must say the beach is more than inviting! Read More


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