'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.'

-   Bill Kean   -

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.’

Let’s enjoy it, no matter what has happened last week or weekend, weather you were possessed by a cookie-monster or not, skipped gym to sleep in or exchanged your running session for a brunch with girlfriends – it doesn’t matter! what matters that you still have the same objectives, same goals and sell motivation to go after that! 

I do have a high self motivation and I do have the same objectives as 7 weeks ago when started my new 12 week training program and dieting. (down 2 kg and couple of centemeters from waist line as well + increased streght and resistance! So in a long term review – there is a notable progress for me, for the world – in couple of another weeks).

I still believe that end of this program I will look great and will be able to take & share some progress pictures with you. 


Bikini model

Ultimate goal – photo session and posing like a Bikini model

Moreover I can admit that ditching weighting-in on Monday mornings does affect positively my day, however still doing my weekly picture taking on Sundays to compare the results. If the weights were against me than the pictures definitely isn’t! Giving you my word on that the pictures and the close fitting does not lie! So if you haven’t started your own progress picture tracking – do it now!  It will definitely motivate you and inspire to strive more for progress and moving on when you feel down!

motivation - when you feel like not to work out

Stop thinking – just do it!

This is my favorite quote what I repeat to myself when I do not feel like working out at all. Just do it! get over with!  

Do what you have to do it to get the results you desire! 

I did not feel like working out Friday night, had crazy work day, heavy bag, a sewing course (which did enjoy plenty as haven’t been doing much new, exciting for a very long time – just routine and running to get things done. So having something to feed my creative spirit was just  priceless).  The creative sewing session result – soon on my blog too. so stay tuned!

you don't need to be a champion to become a champion

Motivational Quote of the day by Nike

This is me working out my hotel room at 6am before confronting a long day in meetings in Sweden – consistency is a key.

Whatever is your goal you set last year or beginning of the year! Go for it! Don’t look back on things you didn’t do – look forward for the things you can do today and will do tomorrow to come closer to you dream! 

As I am doing! I am going to learn a handstand! I will make those 5 chin-ups and will take those angle-bikini-model pictures! There! I said it! I repeated it and I am doing it! (Tonight – leg day)! 

How is it going with your goals? What you wish to achieve? 

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